G&S Sorceress

March shoot

This month the Geek&Sexy photoshoot will be of… The Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown!!

The photos that you will see below are the preview of the Geek&Sexy Photoshoot of The Sorceress. If you want to see the whole section and future “Geek&Sexy” photoshoots, I explain it below:

If you become my Patron and your sponsorship level is +5$, every month you will receive by mail several HD images of a Geek&Sexy photoshoot, only for Patrons (I will not publish them in any other web). Depending on your sponsorship level, I will send you a different amount of content.


If you were not in time, don’t worry, you can get these photos in my shop


Finally, be on the lookout because if you join to help me and we reach the second goal I will make a cosplay and a Geek&Sexy photoshoot of Officer VI!!!  If you want your piece…

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  1. David Reyes
    10 April, 2017 -

    Simplemente espectacular!!!!! Nunca nos defraudas ??. Este es uno de mis favoritos y como siempre te ves realmente hermosa????

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