Geek&Sexy Calendar 2017

Hi sweeties!!! Is there any better way to celebrate next year than to be prepared with a wonderful calendar?? Yes, you guessed it, this year I’m releasing the Geek&Sexy Calendar of 2017!!

It will be a wall calendar with rings on the top side, of these dimensions: 20cm width x 42cm height. In each page you will find an A4-sized picture with the respective month below.

For each month we’ve selected the best photo of each G&S Photoshoot, making a total of 13 photos (from January to January), plus an additional picture in the frontpage, unpublished until this date, and it will be exclusive for this calendar. I will not upload it to any social media or my website.

To sum it up, 13 Geek&Sexy prints + 1 Geek&Sexy exclusive print together in a gorgeous calendar. I’ll leave you below ALL the Teaser photos so you get to know all the characters that will be part of these prints BUT these are not the pictures that will be sent with the calendar.

The price for the public will be 50€ (plus shipping costs out of Spain). Buuuuuut, for Patrons that have pledged A TOTAL AMOUNT of 25$ or more, will receive a coupon for a 50% discount. So if your patronage is of 3$ and you’ve being pledging for 9 months, this makes a total of 27$, which makes you suitable for the discount.

The pledge of November will count too, so if you are not my patrons right now but you want the calendar, you can become 25$ patrons and you will get the discount and the Geek&Sexy photoshoot. So for 50€ you will get both the calendar and the Geek&Sexy reward of November: Misa Amane ^.^

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Patreon Rewards

If you have any doubt, ask away!!

*Disclaimer: The Jinx photo in the picture post is a teaser that we released back in the day but it will not be included in the calendar content, it’s just for its promotion*

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