Tifa Cosplay + Geek&Sexy

I think I’ve fallen in love…

From Tifa there will be two versions: Normal Tifa and Geek&Sexy Tifa. Photos from the former will be uploaded to this page. In this case, the G&S version will be made with T-shirts more…Geek&Sexy than the usual Tifa. If you want the whole section and future “Geek&Sexy” photoshoots, I explain it below:

If you become my Patron and your sponsorship level is +5$, every month you will receive by mail one or multiple HD images of a Geek&Sexy photoshoot, only for Patrons (I will not publish them in any other web). Depending on your sponsorship level, I will send you a different amount of content.

Become a Patron

Finally, be on the lookout because if you join to help me they could be even more!! If we reach 700$ you will get another one and if we reach 900$, the 5$ patron would get 3 photos!!

If you were not in time, don’t worry, you can get the photos and videos from the older Geek&Sexy photoshoots in my shop.


  1. Trevor Fast
    18 November, 2018 -

    Stunning :)

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